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Integrated lighting for bathroom furniture, with focus on function and design

Miller Bathroom in Bankeryd, just outside Jönköping, is a family business with over 100 years in the furniture industry. Their bathroom furniture is renowned for its design and quality, and is assembled by hand at the facility in Bankeryd. This product is one in thelong line of lighting solutions we have developed together with Miller over the years. After the initial work in which we agreed on design, function and requirements, the work began to produce samples that were evaluated together.

After some minor adjustments, both parties were pleased with what we had developed. A product that is nicely integrated into the bathroom cabinet with a discreetly recessed touch button to control the brightness. As an option, we also developed LED downlights in similar design languages, fitted with quick connectors for easy assembly.

"Agolux quickly adapted our sketches and ideas and, with their knowledge they developed a product that fulfilled all our requirements"

To further enhance the overall impression of the product, we chose to laser engrave Miller's logo in the shiny finish of the product. To this solution we also deliver a driver prepared to connect to the wall. The products are packed in custom-made cartons adapted to be packed together with the bathroom cabinet.

- This integrated lighting is a further development of our lighting concept, called Linear Led. The Linear LED exudes a modern feel and best of all gives a really good light. Instead of lighting our cabinets and mirrors from above, we chose to assume a common denominator -  that our bathroom cabinets are the same height regardless of all the widths we offer, says Frank Miller, the 5th generation in the family business

-Agolux quickly adapted our sketches and ideas and, with their knowledge they developed a product that fulfilled all our requirements. The challenges were that the profile is only 16x16mm, which provides limited space for attachment, circuit boards, lenses and LED strips.

We are very pleased with the result and look forward to getting the product out on our markets, Frank concludes.

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