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Innovative shelf lighting that enhances the library experience

Agolux was assigned the task of developing a lamp for shelving systems, primarily intended for use in library furnishings. The guidelines were set early based on the requirements that such lighting needs to meet, but from the outset, the goal was to create a product that exceeded these. Both in light and function.

We experimented and tested various ideas throughout the project. Using handmade prototypes, we were able to test our ideas in practice and make adjustments as needed. The result was a lighting fixture that is easy to install and can be daisy-chained together. The fixture has adjustable mounts and is compatible with the DALI system, allowing it to be used in various types of interior environments. The lighting also meets high requirements for color rendering, glare protection and the product's lifespan.

The product was launched in 2023 in two different lengths to match the dimensions of the furniture it is mounted on. By using an end cap that connects two fixtures, multiple fixtures can appear as a single unit.

Agolux markets a wide range of lighting and related products. We have long experience and are focused on developing, designing and delivering different types of custom lighting to manufacturing companies. Agolux is your partner in wholly or partly application-adapted lighting solutions.

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